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Our School:

Welcome to Oasis Kidz Academy at Oasis Family Life Church. We are located in Dallas, Georgia next to Chattahoochee Technical College.

Our Academy consists of classrooms scaled from 1,200 sq. ft. to 2,500 sq ft. Our classrooms have a combination of tile and carpet with a large window for natural light. Each classroom is equipped with state of the art, age-appropriate furniture and technology. There is plenty of room to move and explore.

We have a high-end security system dedicated to making our best effort's in ensuring your child is safe while in our care. Security cameras record daily in all classrooms and throughout the inside and outside of the academy.

There are several exit doors throughout the academy with illuminated signs at each exit for easy access.

Oasis Kidz Academy offers a state of the art, age-appropriate, approved playground surrounded with a security fence and entrance/exit gate.

We highly trained teachers who focus their days ensuring your child is safe, secure, developing, and smiling. They are experienced in the field of early education and care and have credentials in early childhood education.


Director: Carolyn Dukes, M.B.A/M.Ed.
Assistant Director: N. Denise Wilkerson, B.A.
Private Prekindergarten Lead Teacher: Stacy White

Preschool 3s Lead Teacher: Aerial Simpson

Early Preschool Lead Teacher: Mariah Pugh

Early Preschool Assistant Teacher: Marsha Salmon

Toddler Lead Teacher: Christiana Onimole

Toddler Assistant Teacher: Jonquel Valentine

Infant Lead Teacher: Helen Ighile

School Age Co-Lead Teacher: Crystal Miller

Cook: Jade Collins


To provide a loving environment that is safe and secure, and one that provides

the best in care and education for all children.